Technology to sustainable home automation

What lesson you learnt from COVID-19? “Technology helps to adapt the change” says a technologist. “Contactless approach keeps you safe” says a doctor. And you can not deny this. “With Technology to sustainable development assures complete and natural transformation to a new world, “said an intelligent and honest scientist. Statement from scientist looks more dependable as we already have seen the effect of cruel development.

The social distancing avoided contact from people while the technology helped us to carry on with all the work but what about the switches, plugs, keys, and all other daily use items which require contact to operate. Can we do something for this as more than one person touch these things regularly?

Yes, Techvanto has a very smart solution for this. Their expertise in home automation with sustainable practices will not only keep you safe but also updated. The plus point is their concern for the environment which enabled them to become India`s most intelligent Home automation solution provider.

Glimpses to their offerings


Water Management System

How often you go to your terrace to check if the water tank is full? More than 7L water is wasted every 3 of 7 houses daily. 46% of People using normal electric alarm bells to know if water tank is full have to change their alarm every 3-4 months and more than one-third of them face inconvenience due to rain. What if you can control your motor and monitor water tank at your fingertips?

So to deal with this, Techvanto developed the smart water management solution for you. Now don’t let motor running for an extra second. This saves 100% water which makes it a sustainable product. The best part of this system is that it tells you the quality and temperature of water. So with this product, the chances of exposure with poor quality water decreases to 0 which ultimately assures a healthy lifestyle.

Smart Door Lock

What happens when you accidently lost your door key? Feel irritated every time when someone presses your doorbell? Techvanto have a solution for your irritation. Yes, now you can control your door locks while watching movies on your phone.  Yes, with their expertise in automation tools, they have developed a super safe and secure smart door locking system. It`s features includes keyless operations with options like password & fingerprint, Protection level customization and scheduled locking & unlocking. Smart door locks are a must buy product for everyone.

Smart Home

Techvanto brings you the best-in-class complete smart home to you. Yes, you heard it right. With the smart home Techvanto helps you to control everything at your fingertips. Use your smartphone to operate, manage and control all the appliances, lights and utilities.  From customizing your lights to providing an extra layer of safety and security to your homes, Techvanto promises complete satisfaction.

You just saw a short glimpse of the versatile sustainable solutions provided by Techvanto. For any assistance or query, reach us now.


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