What are the various types of web applications?

With years of experience developing world-class B2B & B2C apps, techvanto is India’s top-rated custom web app development firm. Our customers vary from start-ups to businesses, and we have partnered with a range of verticals in the market, including healthcare, adtech, eLearning, data mining, Fintech & eCommerce.

We have custom web development software end-to-end, including ground-up web development, migration, uploading, and continuing maintenance services.

Our full-stack web application development services are ideal for you if you want to experience the best of web development to ensure growth-centric digital transformation for your business. Our web development services cover all the big comprehensive web solutions, from e-commerce sites, CMS, ERP solutions to Chatbots, custom applications, and more.

Custom web development

We offer custom web application creation services to help customers accomplish their market objectives, ranging from simple landing pages to sophisticated custom web solutions.

  • Audits and appraisal pre-support
  • Audits and Appraisal of Facilities
  • Present audits and appraisal of the framework.

eCommerce solutions

Our programming solutions for e-commerce web applications are based on Microsoft and open-source software such as Magento, ASP.Net, PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc.

  • Creation of E-commerce portals
  • Shopping carts and options for goods
  • Integration of Secure Payment Gateway

Technology consulting

With functional know-how, tools, and domain knowledge, we are focused on being your trustworthy IT partner, ensuring that you get a favorable ROI from your web development project.

  • OS and relocation of servers
  • Consulting on Tech Upgradation
  • Consulting on channels and technologies

Web portal development

We are building a network where you can communicate with your clients quickly. All the needs and priorities of online organizations are determined by our web portal creation process.

  • Creation of business(B2B & B2C) portals
  • Creation of Shopping Portal
  • Work, Marriage & Portal Mailing

Product reengineering

To connect specific features & data with modern architectures & platforms, our application integration & re-engineering services address your development, design, integration, testing & deployment requirements.

  • Legacy App and Migrating Data
  • Plugin, extension,s to Chrome and incorporation of the API
  • Integration of Add-on and Server

Blockchain, ML, and chatbots

We develop real-time chatbots using advanced ML techniques that not only understand your business but also update their knowledge over time.

  • Website chatbots for customer support
  • Chatbots for Facebook-based services
  • Personalized chatbots for purposes of training



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